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Today I got a call from a person using sign language. It was kind of cool.
IT: So it sounds like we need to reset your password. Below the fields for user name and password, you'll see a link that says "forgot your password?". Please click on that.

User: Okay.

IT: Just let me know when the page loads.

User: What do you mean?

IT: Did you click on the "forgot your password?" link?

User: Oh, I click it?

IT: Yes, go ahead and click it.

User: Okay, so now it says "Username", and then it has a space for me to type, and says submit.

IT: Alright.

User: What should I do?

IT: Go ahead and enter your user name.

User: MY user name?

IT: Yep. (Listens to typing). So once you've done that, it will either ask you to create a challenge question, or it will ask you to answer a challenge question you made up in the past.

User: It says "what was your old email address?"

IT: Alright.

User: What should I tell it?

IT: Well, you should give it your old email address.

User: MY old email address?

And so on.
User: It won't take my password and when I try to answer my challenge question, what I'm typing doesn't show up.

IT: Do characters show up when you type your password? Are you able to type at all?

User: I don't know. I can't log in to find out.

IT: Alright, will you try something for me? Go ahead highlight your user name, and see if you can type that in.

User: Well, we can't find out that way...

IT: Why not?

User: Because nothing happens when I press the backspace key. it definitely sounds like your keyboard is unplugged...

User: How do you know that?
User: So I'm trying to install Microsoft office on a computer, but when I try to install it, it isn't listed on the start menu.

IT: Do you have an install disc?

User: Do you think that would help?
Hello, 09-14-09 14:41
Hello my name is techsupport. I'm new to elowel.